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Patient Experiences

Working with Zakia has been and continues to be a great experience. She has challenged me, been supportive when needed and helped me grow throughout our time together. Zakia is positive, compassionate, and easy to talk to. She helped me gain a more positive outlook on myself and the situations in my life.

She helped me learn how to find the answers within myself, so that I can access them even when she is not around. We have worked on issues in my personal and professional life.  

I feel I benefit from Zakia  not just my therapist but a life coach. I look forward to seeing her each time and gaining her insight.

 I highly recommend.

M. Brown. Georgia

Zakia Simpson is simply amazing! I remember coming to her so discouraged and defeated. I felt like I had been in the same cycles for years with no relief. Within the first two weeks of being with her, she not only listened to me, but she gave me strategies to fight the negative thoughts in my head. I never knew the simple things like breathing and going on a run would help me walk towards a path of freedom. To this day I still use these strategies. I am forever grateful for her.

M. Grant, Georgia

I have tried many different counselors but Zakia Simpson was the most personable and relatable. She did not feel like a traditional counselor and immediately gave me the sense of talking to a friend. Zakia made it easy to share and open up. She provided great resources so I can take control of my healing and process things at my own pace. Zakia was there when I needed her, and most importantly she gave me the validation I needed to heal from lifelong traumas. I am living my happiest life now!

C.M., Georgia

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